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  • Are there limitations to access?
    We offer unlimited, simultaneous access. All students, faculty, staff, and authorized users of the institution that purchases or subscribes to an ABC-CLIO eBook may access the content via IP recognition, username/password, or barcode authentication.
  • Can I access the platform via mobile devices?
    Yes. You can access the eBooks platform in a standard web browser setting on all mobile devices.
  • Is a License Agreement available?
    Yes. A license agreement is available and is generally signed when an institution purchases its first ebooks from ABC-CLIO. Subsequent purchases fall under the terms of the original agreement.
  • How often are new titles added?
    New titles will be uploaded monthly. Please register to stay informed of new releases each month.
  • Are your eBooks regularly updated?
    No, our eBooks are an electronic replica of the print version. Some small errors in the print version may be corrected, but new content will not be added after publication.
  • Does an eBook reproduce all of the illustrations and charts found in the print?
    Nearly every eBook reproduces all portions of ABC-CLIO's print titles.
  • Can I link to a specific eBook chapter?
    Yes. You can link to a specific chapter by using the URL displayed in the address bar. This is also valid if you want to link to a specific title. Click on the Ebook's title (or chapter) and copy and paste the URL displayed in the address bar when setting up your links.
  • Do cookies need to be enabled in my web browser?
    Yes. Cookies will always need to be enabled for users to gain access. The information stored in them is used only to ensure an uninterrupted user experience. They can be deleted when the browser is closed.
  • What are your username/password requirements?
    Both usernames and passwords must be between 6 and 15 alphanumeric characters, with no spaces.
  • Can you set up IP Authentication?
    Yes. Contact Technical Support to do so.
  • We need to update our IP addresses/contact information/username/password. How should we do so?
    To update any information at all, please contact Technical Support.
  • Can you set up referring URLs?
    Yes, referring URLs can be used as long as they are behind a password protected page on your site.
  • What is a search aggregator?
    A search aggregator refers third-party searching software and services that query multiple search engines or databases at once, and return search results using a single unified search interface. This is sometimes called "federated search."
  • Does this platform allow for federated search functionality?
    Yes. We currently work with various institutions offering Federated Search.
  • Is this platform compatible with Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks and SFX?
  • Are these titles indexed in and accessible through Reference Universe?
    Yes, all ABC-CLIO titles are fully indexed in Reference Universe. All entry titles are also index terms, as well. A direct link is provided when your library owns or subscribes to a title.
  • Can I download the eBooks to save on my computer?
    Our platform is web-based only and cannot be downloaded separately to your computer.
  • Can eBooks be printed once ordered?
    Yes, we offer full print and email capabilities on our platform.
  • Can I share my eBook with multiple people?
    Yes, we offer unlimited simultaneous access. Any user can share a reference resource within your institution if they have one of the following: username/password; referring URL; or proxy server. Additionally, we offer email and print-sharing tools.
  • Who are your distributor and eBook partners?
    Amazon Kindle
    Credo Ebooks
    Ebrary Inc
    Gale Virtual Reference Library
    YBP Library Services/Baker & Taylor